William & Mary

Recent and Forthcoming Scholarship


Peter A. Alces

  • The Moral Conflict of Law and Neuroscience (The University of Chicago Press 2018).

Jeffrey Bellin

  • Hearsay, vol. 30B, in Federal Practice & Procedure (Thomson Reuters 2017) (with Charles A. Wright).

Evan J. Criddle

  • Fiduciary Government (Evan J. Criddle, Evan Fox-Decent, Sung Hui Kim, Paul B. Miller, Andrew S. Gold eds., Cambridge U. Press, forthcoming 2018).
  • The Oxford Handbook of Fiduciary Law (Evan J. Criddle, Paul B. Miller, Robert H. Sitkoff eds., Oxford U. Press, forthcoming 2018).
  • Fiduciaries of Humanity: How International Law Constitutes Authority (Oxford U. Press 2016) (with Evan Fox-Decent). SSRN.
  • Human Rights in Emergencies (Cambridge University Press 2016).

Davison M. Douglas

  • The Constitutional Law Lectures of John Marshall Harlan (Davison Douglas ed., Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming 2017).

James Dwyer

  • Imprisoned at Birth: How Liberal Child Welfare Policy Destroys Black Lives (Routledge, forthcoming 2018).
  • Homeschooling: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2018) (co-authored).
  • Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law (Oxford University Press, under contract) (editor).
  • Family Law: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (KAMSET, forthcoming 2018).
  • Virginia Wills, Trusts, & Estates: Code, Cases, Commentary (KAMSET 2017).
  • Law & Social Justice: A Reader (KAMSET 2017).

Adam M. Gershowitz

  • Criminal Law: Cases and Comments (Found. Press 10th ed., forthcoming 2017) (with Andre A. Moenssens, Ronald J. Bacigal & Gerald G. Ashdown) (9th Edition 2013).

Michael S. Green

  • The Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law: Civil Procedure (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Eric A. Kades

  • The New Feudalism (forthcoming 2017).

Allison Orr Larsen

  • Judicial Decisionmaking (with Tom Clark, Barry Friedman, Maggie Lemos, and Andrew Martin) (a new casebook forthcoming).

Fredric Lederer

  • Fundamental Criminal Procedure (Desktop publishing 2016) [2d ed. 2011; 1st ed. 1999].

Linda Malone

  • International Environmental Law and World Resources (Thomson/Reuters forthcoming 2017).

Nathan Oman

  • The Dignity of Commerce: Markets and the Moral Foundations of Contract Law (Chicago University Press 2017).

Timothy Zick

  • The Dynamic Free Speech Clause: Freedom of Speech and Its Relation to Other Constitutional Rights (under contract with Oxford U. Press, forthcoming 2018).


Peter A. Alces

  • Into the Void: Charting the Gap Between the Philosophy and Science of Punishing, in Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy and Science of Punishment (Routledge, forthcoming 2019).
  • Neuroscience Changes More Than Your Mind Can Think, 2017 U. Ill. J.L. Tech. & Pol'y 141 (with Paul S. Davies).

Jeffrey Bellin

  • Reassessing Prosecutorial Power Through the Lens of Mass Incarceration, 116 Mich. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018). SSRN.
  • The Silence Penalty, 103 Iowa L. Rev. 395 (2018). SSRN.

David Boelzner

  • Now is the Time: Experts vs. the Uninitiated as Future Nominees to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, 25 Fed. Cir. Bar. J. 371 (2016) (with Bradley W. Hennings & Jennifer Rickman White).

Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

  • One Good Plaintiff is Not Enough, 67 Duke L.J. 481 (2017). SSRN.
  • Separating Amicus Wheat from Chaff, 106 Geo. L.J. 136 (2017) (with Adam Feldman). SSRN.
  • The Jurisdiction Canon, 70 Vand. L. Rev. 499 (2017). SSRN.

Jay Butler

  • Amnesty for even the Worst Offenders, 95 Wash. U. L. Rev. 591 (2017). SSRN.

Lynda Butler

  • Property as a Management Institution, 82 Brook.L. Rev. 1215 (2017). SSRN.
  • The Horne Dilemma: Protecting Property's Richness and Frontiers, 75 Md. L. Rev. 787 (2016). SSRN.

Eric D. Chason

  • Taxing Losers, 18 Fla. Tax Rev. 541 (2016).

Nancy Combs

  • Deconstructing the Epistemic Challenges to Mass Atrocity Prosecutions, 75 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018). SSRN.
  • Grave Crimes and Weak Evidence: A Fact-Finding Evolution in International Criminal Law, 58 Harv. Int'l L.J. 47 (2017). SSRN.
  • Seeking Inconsistency: Advancing Pluralism in International Criminal Sentencing, 41 Yale J. Int'l L. 1 (2016). SSRN.

Evan J. Criddle

  • Liberty in Loyalty: A Republican Theory of Fiduciary Law, 95 Tex. L. Rev. 993 (2017). SSRN.
  • Customary Constraints on the Use of Force: Article 51 with an American Accent, 29 Leiden J. Int'l L. 67 (2016) (peer review) (with William Banks) (solicited). SSRN.
  • Keeping the Promise of Public Fiduciary Theory: A Reply to Leib and Galoob, 126 Yale L.J. F. 195 (2016) (with Evan Fox-Decent). SSRN.
  • The Constitution of Agency Statutory Interpretation, 69 Vand. L. Rev. En Banc 325 (2016) (solicited). SSRN.

Neal Devins

  • Why Congress Does Not Challenge Judicial Supremacy, 58 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming) (symposium article). SSRN.
  • Rethinking Judicial Minimalism: Abortion Politics, Party Polarization, and the Consequences of Returning the Constitution to Elected Government, 69 Vand. L. Rev. 935 (2016) (symposium article). SSRN.
  • Split Definitive: How Party Polarization Turned the Supreme Court Into a Partisan Court, 2016 Sup. Ct. Rev. 301 (2016) (with Lawrence Baum). SSRN.
  • The Vanishing Common Law Judge?, 165 U. Pa. L. Rev. 595 (2016) (with David Klein). SSRN.
  • The Amicus Machine, 102 Va. L. Rev. 1901 (2016) (with Allison Orr Larsen). SSRN.
  • 'Ideology' or 'Situation Sense'? An Experimental Investigation of Motivated Reasoning and Professional Judgment, 164 U. Pa. L. Rev. 349 (2016) (with Dan Kahan et al.). SSRN.

James Dwyer

  • Religious Schooling and Homeschooling Before and After Hobby Lobby, 2016 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1393 (symposium article).

Adam M. Gershowitz

  • Prosecutorial Dismissals as Teachable Moments (and Databases) for the Police, 86 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018) (symposium). SSRN.
  • Consolidating Local Criminal Justice: Should Prosecutors Control the Jails?, 51 Wake Forest L. Rev. 677 (2016) (symposium). SSRN.
  • Post-Trial Pleas Bargaining in Capital Cases: Using Conditional Commutations to Remove Weak Cases from Death Row, 73 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1359 (2016) (symposium). SSRN.
  • The Post-Riley Search Warrant: Search Protocols and Particularity in Cell Phone Searches, 69 Vand. L. Rev. 585 (2016). SSRN.

Michael S. Green

  • The Return of the Unprovided-For Case, 51 Ga. L. Rev. 761 (2017). SSRN.
  • L'américanisation de Kelsen, in Un classique méconnu: Hans Kelsen, (Thomas Hochmann, Xavier Magnon, & Régis Ponsard eds., forthcoming) (essay).
  • Legal Monism: An American History, in Vienna Lectures on Law and Philosophy, (Hart Publishing, forthcoming) (essay).
  • Logic and Legal Realism, in Research Handbook in Law and Logic, (Dieter Krimphove & Florian Simon eds., Duncker & Humblot, forthcoming) (essay).
  • A Puzzle about Hart's Theory of Internal Legal Statements, in Pragmatics and Law, (Francesca Poggi & Alessandro Capone eds., Springer Verlag 2017) 195 (essay). SSRN.
  • Marmor’s Kelsen, in Hans Kelsen in America , (D. A. Jeremy Telman ed., Springer Verlag 2016) (essay). SSRN.

Rebecca Green

  • Redistricting Transparency, 59 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming).
  • The Surveillance Gap: The Harms of Extreme Privacy and Data Marginalization, 42 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change ___ (forthcoming).
  • Arbitrating Ballot Battles?, 104 Ky. L.J. 699 (2016). SSRN.

Tara Leigh Grove

  • The Origins (and Fragility) of Judicial Independence, 71 Vand. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018). SSRN.
  • The Power of "So-Called Judges," 93 N.Y.U. L. Rev. Online ___ (forthcoming 2018) (invited essay: Symposium on "Courts Under Pressure: Protecting the Rule of Law").
  • Justice Scalia's Other Standing Legacy, 84 U. Chi. L. Rev. (2017) (invited essay: Special Issue on Justice Antonin Scalia's jurisprudence). SSRN.
  • When Can a State Sue the United States?, 101 Cornell L. Rev. 851 (2016). SSRN.
  • Tiers of Scrutiny in a Hierarchichal Judiciary, 14 Geo. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 475 (2016) (invited essay: Symposium on "Is the Rational Basis Test Unconstitutional?"). SSRN.

Kevin Haeberle

  • A New Market-Based Approach for Securities Law, 85 U. Chi. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018) (with M. Todd Henderson).
  • Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure, 35 Yale J. Reg. 2 (2018) (with M. Todd Henderson). SSRN.
  • Discrimination Platforms, 42 J. Corp. L. 809 (2017).
  • Evaluating Stock-Trading Practices and Their Regulation, 42 J. Corp. L. 887 (2017) (with Merritt B. Fox).
  • Information-Dissemination Law: The Regulation of How Market-Moving Information Is Revealed, 101 Cornell L. Rev. 1373 (2016) (with M. Todd Henderson). SSRN.

Vivian Hamilton

  • Adulthood in Law and Culture, 91 Tulane L. Rev. 55 (2016).

Laura Heymann

  • Reading Together and Apart: Juries, Courts, and Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law, 102 Iowa L. Rev. Online 248 (2017). SSRN.

Darian M. Ibrahim

  • Crowdfunding Without the Crowd, 95 N.C. L. Rev. 1481 (2017). Online.
  • Intrapreneurship, 73 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1741 (2016). SSRN.

Eric A. Kades

  • Straitjacket: Wider Implications of the Natural Property Rights Case That Regressive Taxation is a Taking, 51 U.C. Davis L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2017). SSRN.
  • Corrective Progressivity, (forthcoming 2016).
  • Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Reducing Inequity with a Progressive State Tax Credit, 77 La. L. Rev. 359 (2016) (forthcoming 2016). SSRN.

Allison Orr Larsen

  • Constitutional Law in an Age of Alternative Facts, 93 N.Y.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018). SSRN.
  • Judicial Fact-Finding in an Age of Rapid Change: Creative Reforms from Abroad, 130 Harv. L. Rev. F. 316 (2017). Online.
  • The Amicus Machine, 102 Va. L. Rev. 1901 (2016) (with Neal E. Devins). SSRN.

Linda Malone

  • The Death Knell for the Death Penalty and the Significance of Global Realism to its Abolition from Glossip v. Gross to Brumfield v. Cain, 11 Duke J. Const. L. & Pub. Pol'y 75 (2016). SSRN.

Paul Marcus

  • The Right to Counsel in Criminal Cases: Still A National Crisis, ____ Geo. Wash. L. REV. ____ (forthcoming 2018) (with Mary Sue Backus).
  • The Miranda Custody Requirement and Juveniles, ___ Tenn. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2018).
  • The United States Supreme Court [Mostly] Gives up its Review Role with Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Cases, 100 Minn. L. Rev. 1745 (2016). SSRN.
  • A Comparative Look at Plea Bargaining in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States, 57 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1147 (2016) (with others). SSRN.

Thomas J. McSweeney

  • Fiction in the Code, ___ Ga. St. U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming, 2017-2018).
  • Creating a Literature for the King’s Courts in the Later Thirteenth Century: Hengham Magna, Fet Asaver, and Bracton, 37 J. Leg. Hist. 41 (2016). Online.
  • Salvation by Statute: Magna Carta, Legislation, and the King's Soul, 25 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 455 (2016) (forthcoming, December 2016). SSRN.

Alan Meese

  • New Revelation or Old News: An Event Study Analysis of the 1982 Merger Guidelines, ___ J. Competition L. & Economics ___ (forthcoming, 2017) (with Sarah L. Stafford).
  • Justice Scalia and Sherman Act Textualism, 92 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2013 (2017) (symposium article).
  • In Praise of All or Nothing Dichotomous Categories: Why Antitrust Law Should Reject the Quick Look, 104 Geo. L.J. 835 (2016). SSRN.

Nathan Oman

  • Beyond Gift and Bargain: Some Suggestions for Increasing Kidney Donations by Generating Trust in NEAD Chains, ___ Law & Contemp. Probs. ___ (forthcoming).
  • Commerce, Religion, and the Rule of Law, ___ J.L. Rel. & St. ___ (forthcoming). SSRN.
  • Reconsidering Contractual Consent: Why We Shouldn't Worry Too Much About Boilerplate and Other Puzzles, 83 Brooklyn Law Review 215 (2017). SSRN.
  • Doux Commerce, Religion, and the Limits of Antidiscrimination Law, 92 Ind. L.J. 693 (2016). SSRN.

Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec

  • The Intellectual Property Hostage in Trade Retaliation, 76 Md. L. Rev. 169 (2016). SSRN.
  • Patents Absent Adversaries, 81 Brook. L. Rev. 1073 (2016). SSRN.

Patricia E. Roberts

  • PTSD, TBI, and OTH Discharges: A Case Study of a Young Service Member, 45 Hofstra L. Rev. 35 (2016). Online.
  • An All-Volunteer Force: Law Students and Pro Bono Lawyers Helping Veterans, 68 S.C. L. Rev. 273 (2016).

Sarah Stafford

  • New Revelation or Old News: An Event Study Analysis of the 1982 Merger Guidelines, ___ J. Competition L. & Economics ___ (forthcoming, 2017) (with Alan J. Meese).
  • Environmental Management Systems and Compliance at Small and Lightly Regulated Facilities: Evidence from the New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Program, 49 J. Reg. Econ. 292 (2016).

James Stern

  • The Essential Structure of Property Law, 115 Mich. L. Rev. 1167 (2017). SSRN.
  • Intellectual Property and the Myth of Non-rivalry, working paper.
  • Intellectual Possession, working paper (with Dotan Oliar).

Cynthia Ward

  • A Criminal Law Model for Adjudicating Sexual Assault on Campus, (forthcoming 2017).

Timothy Zick

  • Justice Scalia and Abortion Speech, 15 First Amend. L. Rev. 288 (2017) (invited essay: symposium on "The First Amendment Legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia"). SSRN.
  • Restroom Use, Civil Rights, and Free Speech Opportunism, ___ Ohio St. L.J. ___ (forthcoming 2017) (invited essay: symposium on "The Expanding First Amendment"). SSRN.
  • Rights Dynamism, 19 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 791 (2017). SSRN.
  • The Dynamic Relationship Between Freedom of Expression and Equality, 12 Duke J.L. & Pub. Pol. 13 (2016) to be reprinted in First Amendment Law Handbook: 2017-2018 Edition (Rodney A. Smolla ed., Thompson/West 2018. SSRN.

Book Chapters

Evan J. Criddle

  • Guardians of Legal Order: The Dual Commissions of Public Fiduciaries, in Fiduciary Government (Evan J. Criddle et al. eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming 2018) (with Evan Fox-Decent). SSRN.
  • Fiduciary Principles in International Law, in The Oxford Handbook of Fiduciary Law (Evan J. Criddle, Paul B. Miller, Robert H. Sitkoff eds., Oxford U. Press, forthcoming 2018).
  • Fiduciary Law's Mixed Messages, in Research Handbook on Fiduciary Law (Andrew S. Gold & D. Gordon Smith eds., Edward Elgar Press, forthcoming 2017). SSRN.
  • Introduction: Testing Human Rights Theory During Emergencies, in Human Rights in Emergencies (Cambridge U. Press 2016).
  • Protecting Human Rights in Emergencies: Delegation, Derogation, and Deference, in Human Rights in Emergencies (Cambridge U. Press 2016).

James Dwyer

  • The Easiest Accommodation: Abandoning Other People's Children to Their Parents' Religion, in Divorcing Marriage from the State (Robin Fretwell Wilson ed., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2017).
  • Regulating Child Rearing in a Culturally Diverse Society, in Philosophical Foundations of Children's and Family Law (Elizabeth Brake and Lucinda Ferguson eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017).

James Heller

  • Additions and Renovations, in Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change (William S. Hein & Co. 2017).

Fredric Lederer

  • Access to Justice, Global Inclusion, in Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology (Michael Stein & Jonathan Lazar eds., U. Penn. Press) (in press, 2016).
  • Technology-augmented and Virgual Courts, and Courtrooms, in Crime, and Justice (Tom Holt, ed., Routledge) (in press, 2016).

Paul Marcus

  • The Evolution [or Is It Revolution] of Defamation Standards in the United States: The Impact of New York Times v. Sullivan, in Comparative Perspectives on Freedom of Expression (R. Weaver, ed., Carolina Academic Press 2017).
  • Education in Los Angeles: Past and Present, in Voices of the Brown Generation: Memories and Reflections of Law Professors (J. Bonnie & M. W. Wigfall eds., Vanderbilt U. Press forthcoming).

Sarah Stafford

  • Voluntary Self-Policing and the U.S. Audit Policy, in Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (David Markell, LeRoy Paddock, and Edward Elgar eds., forthcoming).

James Stern

  • What Is the Right to Exclude And Why Does It Matter?, in Property Theory: Legal and Political Perspectives (M.H. Otsuka & J.E. Penner eds., forthcoming Cambridge University Press). SSRN.

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