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Judge Judith Barzilay

Judge Judith Barzilay

Professor of Practice in International Trade Law
Degrees: J.D., Rutgers University; M.L.S., Rutgers University; B.A., Wichita State University
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Representative Professional Activities and Achievements

Judge Judith M. Barzilay was appointed by President Clinton to the United States Court of International Trade in 1998. In her fourteen years on the bench, she has handled cases in the areas of customs law, antidumping and countervailing duties, and trade adjustment assistance. She has also sat by designation of the Chief Justice on several U.S. appellate courts and for the Southern District of New York, handling cases of general federal jurisprudence.

She was chair of the Court's Public Affairs and Education Committee for eight years and taught principles of U.S. Customs law annually to new law clerks.

She has published more than 150 judicial opinions. In the trade area she has written on trade remedies: countervailing and antidumping duties, the interplay between decisions of international tribunals and U.S. courts in international trade determinations, compliance with Customs laws and regulations, availability of trade adjustment assistance for workers and communities, and many opinions clarifying the jurisdiction of the USCIT with that of other federal courts. Her opinions for the various U.S. Courts of Appeal include ones on employment discrimination, environmental law, immigration, criminal law and sentencing, and habeas petitions.

Judge Barzilay began her career in international trade law as a staff attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice, International Trade Field Office, from 1983 to 1986. From 1986 to 1988 she practiced with Siegel, Mandell and Davidson in their litigation group. During those years, she appeared regularly before the United States Court of International Trade, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and government agencies regulating international trade, including the Commerce Department, Customs Service and International Trade Commission.

In 1988, she joined Sony Corporation of America as its first in-house customs and international trade counsel and was promoted to vice-president for import and export operations in 1989. The department under her direction established Sony’s first professional international trade operations in the United States and developed automated systems to insure compliant operations. In January 1996, she became vice-president for government affairs and represented Sony with various government agencies on issues ranging from high definition television at the Federal Communications Commission to the export control of encryption technology at the Commerce Department.

From 1993 to 1998, Judge Barzilay served on the executive board of the American Association of Exporters and Importers. In 1995, she was appointed by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin to his Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of the United States Customs Service and resigned to take her position on the USCIT. She lectures frequently on topics of customs and trade compliance to business groups and university audiences.

The Judge was born in Russell, Kansas, and educated in the Russell and Wichita, Kansas, public schools. She received her B.A. degree in English and History from Wichita State University and M.L.S. (Master of Library and Information Service) and J.D. degrees from Rutgers University.

Judge Barzilay and her husband, Doron, live in Williamsburg, Virginia. They have two married sons, Ilan, a partner with Seyfarth Shaw’s intellectual property practice in Boston and Michael, a portfolio manager for Wells Fargo Bank in Portland, Oregon, and five grandchildren.

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