James S. Heller

James S. Heller

Professor of Law, Emeritus
Degrees: M.L.S., University of California-Berkeley; J.D., University of San Diego; B.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor*
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Areas of Specialization

Intellectual Property Law--Copyright Law; Law and Literature; Law and Public Policy; Legal Research

Teaching Interests

Law & Literature; Law & Public Policy

Representative Professional Activities and Achievements

Joined the faculty in 1988. Served as Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor at the University of Idaho College of Law.

Author of articles in the Law Library Journal, College and Research Libraries, The Law Librarian, and the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology. Author of The Librarian's Copyright Companion. A frequent lecturer on copyright issues.

Served as President of the Virginia Association of Law Libraries, the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries and the American Association of Law Libraries.

Scholarly Publications
  • The Librarian's Copyright Companion (Wm. S. Hein & Co. 2d ed. 2012) (with Paul Hellyer & Ben Keele).
  • The Librarian's Copyright Companion (Wm. S. Hein & Co. 2004).
  • Copyright Handbook (Fred B. Rothman & Co. for the American Association of Law Libraries 1984) (with Sarah Wiant).
Articles and Book Chapters
  • Back to the Future: ABA Law School Accreditation in the 21st Century and America's First Law School's Battle to Survive in the 1970s, 111 Law Libr. J. 509 (2019) (with Simon F. Zagata).
  • Retrospective: 30 Lessons Learned (and a Few Strokes of Luck) at the Crossroads, 111 Law Libr. J. 121 (2019).
  • Additions and Renovations, in Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change (William S. Hein & Co. 2017).
  • The Required Law & Public Policy Course in the College of William & Mary’s Master of Public Policy Program: 25 Years of Lessons, 9 Wm. & Mary Pol'y Rev. 73 (2017).
  • Library Director as Negotiator/Horse Trader, in Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Case Studies, Future Directions, and General Advice (Michelle Wu, Wm. S. Hein & Co. 2015).
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Books?, 18 AALL Spectrum 23 (September/October 2013).
  • From Oxford to Williamsburg: Part 2 – The College of William & Mary Law School and Wolf Law Library, 290 From Oxford to Williamsburg: Part 2 – The College of William & Mary Law School and Wolf Law Library,” Legal Information Management: Journal of the British and Irish Association of Law Libraries (2012).
  • Pretty Woman Meets the Man Who Wears the Star: Fair Use After Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music and American Geophysical Union v. Texaco, 54 J. Copyright Soc'y U.S.A. 719 (2007) (with Anne Forkener & Patrick Speice).
  • Collection Development, Licensing, and Acquisitions, 89 in Law Librarianship in the 21st Century (Scarecrow Press 2006).
  • 51, 36, 127, Hike: Justifying a Law Library Renovation and Expansion Project (Part 1 & 2), 14 Trends L. Libr. Mgmt. & Tech. 4 (2003).
  • Copyright, Fair Use, and the For-Profit Sector, Info. Outlook , May 2002, at 6, reprinted in Va. Law., Dec. 2002, at 33.
  • UCITA: Still Crazy After All These Years, and Still Not Ready for Prime Time, 8 Richmond J.L. Tech. 5 (2001) (Earlier versions published as The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA): Still Not Ready for Prime Time, 7 Rich. J.L. & Tech. 14 (Symposium 2000) and Coming Soon to Your State (But Not Ready for Prime Time): UCITA, AALL Spectrum, Nov. 2000, at 4.). Online.
  • Digital Information, Licensing, and the Threat to Fair Use, 26 Canadian L. Libr. 145 (2001).
  • America's First Law School Library: History of the College of William and Mary's Marshall-Wythe Law Library, 1779-1995, 43 in Law Librarianship: Historical Perspectives (Laura Gasaway & Michael Chiorazzi eds., Fred B. Rothman & Co. 1996), reprinted in Virginia Law Books: Essays and Bibliographies (Am. Phil. Soc'y 2000).
  • The Impact of Recent Litigation on Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery, 88 Law Libr. J. 158 (1996) Winner of the 1996 "Law Library Journal Article of the Year" Award. Reprinted in Growing Pains: Adapting Copyright for Libraries, Education, and Society (Laura Gasaway, ed. Fred B. Rothman & Co. (1997).
  • Copyright Law and American Law Libraries: A 1994 Status Report, 25 Law Libr. 128 (1994).
  • The Public Performance Right in Libraries: Is There Anything Fair About It?, 84 Law Libr. J. 315 (1992).
  • Copyright Essentials for Librarians, 49 N.C. Libr. 5 (1991).
  • Fee-Based Document Delivery: Permissible Activities Under United States Copyright Law, in Fee-Based Services: Issues & Answers, Proceedings of the Second Conference on Fee-Based Research in College and University Libraries (1987).
  • Report to the Copyright Office by the American Association of Law Libraries, 75 Law Libr. J. 438 (1982).
  • The Hunger Games, Law Technology News, June 2012.
  • Federalism, U.S. Style, 3 Legal Info. Mgmt. 162 (2003).
  • Finding A New Balance: Technical Services Meets Adidas, AALL Spectrum, Nov. 2002, at 16.
  • Collection Development a la Versace: Fashioning a Policy for Your Library, AALL Spectrum, Feb. 2002, at 12 (Winner of the 2002 "AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award").
  • Where Have You Gone, Fair Use: Document Delivery in the For-Profit Sector, Info. Outlook, Jan. 2000, at 42.
  • 28 ARBA 231 (1998) (reviewing B. Lindemann & P. Grossman, Employment Discrimination Law) (book review).
  • 28 ARBA 237 (1998) (reviewing C. Picket, Patent Law Index) (book review).
  • 28 ARBA 224 (1997) (reviewing Public Record Research Library, Sourcebook of Federal Courts: U.S. District and Bankruptcy) (book review).
  • 28 ARBA 220 (1997) (reviewing D. Strouthes, Law and Politics: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia) (book review).
  • 28 ARBA 230 (1997) (reviewing V. Patton-Hulce, Environment and the Law: A Dictionary) (book review).
  • 28 ARBA 220 (1997) (reviewing Eds. of Salem Press, Ready Reference: American Justice) (book review).
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  • 27 ARBA 229 (1996) (reviewing S. Silverburg, Index to Law School Theses and Dissertations) (book review).
  • 27 ARBA 232 (1996) (reviewing B. Garner, Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage) (book review).
  • 27 ARBA 246 (1996) (reviewing The United Nations, Yearbook of the International Law Commission) (book review).
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