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John S. Strong

John S. Strong

Adjunct Professor
Degrees: Ph.D., Harvard University; M.P.P., Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government; B.A., Washington and Lee University
Email: [[jsstro]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2864
Office location: Room 3003

Scholarly Publications
  • Economic Effects of Shifting Airport Activity, Research in Transportation Economics (with C. Oster).
  • Capital Project Evaluation at Murphy Stores, 38 Case Research Journal (2018).
  • Strategic Evolution and Decline in Retailing, 39 Journal of BUsiness Strategy 9 (2018). Online.
  • Analyzing Airline Safety: Problems, Challenges, Opportunities, 43 Research in Transportation Economics 148 (2013) (with C. Oster & C.K. Zorn). Online.
  • Analyzing Road Safety in the United States, 43 Research in Transportation Economics 98 (2013) (with C. Oster). Online.
  • Financing the Transportation Security Administration 2001-2007, 1 Journal of Transportation Security 37 (2008) (with C. Oster). Online.
  • Centralizing Retailing: How much Supply Chain Costs is it Worth?, 108 International Journal of Production Economics 341 (2007) (with Lawrence J. Ring).
  • Centralizing Retailing: How much Supply Chain Costs is it Worth?, 108 International Journal of Production Economics (2007) (with Lawrence J. Ring).
  • Evolution of U.S. Domestic Airline Route Networks Since 1990, Transportation Research Record 52 (2006) (with C. Oster). Online.
  • The Development of Railway Concessions in West and Central Africa, 9 Journal of Structured and Project Finance 66 (2004). Online.
  • The Abidjan Airport Concession:  Facing Regional Aviation Liberalization, 8 Journal of Structured and Project Finance 52 (2002). Online.
  • Improving Air Safety:  Long-Term Challenges, XVII Issues in Science and Technology 77 (2001) (with Clinton Oster & C. Kurt Zorn). Online.
  • Azito: Opening a New Era of Power in Africa, 6 Journal of Project Finance 38 (2000). Online.
  • Transport Restructuring and Reform in an International Context, 39 Transportation Journal (2000) (with C. Oster). Online.
  • Economic Impacts of Transportation Investments:  The Case of Federal Express, 37 Transportation Journal 34 (1997) (with C. Oster & B. Rubin). Online.
  • How Safe are Skies at Home and Abroad?, 7 Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy (1993) (with Clinton Oster & C. Kurt Zorn).
Book Chapters
  • Liberalization and Aviation Safety, in Airline Liberalization (M.Finger & K. Button, 2017).
  • Financing Power Projects in Africa, in Project Financing, 8th ed. (F. Fabozzi, H. Davis, and C. de Nahlik, 2012).
  • Public Policies Issues in Aviation, in Governing America (P. Quirk and W. Cunion, 2010).
  • The Costs and Financing of Aviation Security, in (A. R. Thomas, 2008) (with C. Oster).
  • Managing Risks of Infrastructure Investment in Latin America: Lessons, Issues, and Prescriptions, in Recouping Infrastructure Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (2004) (with J.L. Guasch & J Benavides). Online.
  • Regional Infrastructure, in Beyond Borders: The New Regionalism in Latin America ( Johns Hopkins University Press for the Inter-American Development Bank 2002) (with A. Barreix & J.J. Taccone).
  • Competition and Antitrust Policy, in Handbook of Airline Strategy (G. Butler, McGraw-Hill 2001) (with Clinton Oster).
  • Toll Roads, in Privatization and Regulation of Transport Infrastructure (A. Estache and G. deRus, 2000). Online.
  • Short and Long Term Debt, in Controller's Business Advisor (S. Collins, Warren, Gorham and Lamont 1994) (with James R. Haltiner).
  • Strategic Profit Model Results for Selected Retailers (13 pp., W&M-M-185 pp.) (with Lawrence J. Ring & Jim Pillar).
  • Report, Regulation of Weights, Lengths, and Widths of Commercial Motor Vehicles (Special Report No. 267, Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences 2002). Online.
  • Investment, in Italian Encyclopedia of Social Sciences (University of Rome 1994) (with John R. Meyer).
  • Fly-By-Wire in Commercial Aviation: Avionics Innovation and Competition in the Aircraft Industry, (with Don R. Rahtz).

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