International Law

Courses listed are currently taught, or are expected to be offered, during the current academic year.

Comparative Law 
International Law 
International Business Transactions 
Admiralty Law 
Civil Litigation Responses to Acts of Intl Terrorism 
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar 
Comparative Law 
Conflicts of Laws 
Criminal Procedure Survey 
European Union Law 
Human Rights Law 
Immigration Law 
Int'l Commercial Arbitration 
Internal Investigations 
International Criminal Law 
International Trade Law 
International Business Transactions 
International Intellectual Property Law 
Islamic Law Seminar 
National Security Law Litigation 
National Security Law 
Post-Conflict Justice and the Rule of Law 
Securities Litigation 
Spanish for Lawyers 
Terrorism and the Law Seminar 
War Powers - The National Security Law Constitution 

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