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International Law

Courses listed are currently taught, or are expected to be offered, during the current academic year.

Comparative Law: 
International Law: 
International Business Transactions: 
Admiralty Law: 
Art & Cultural Heritage: 
Civil Litigation Responses to Acts of Intl Terrorism: 
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar: 
Comparative Law: 
Conflict of Laws: 
Corporations and International Law: 
Criminal Procedure Survey: 
European Union Law: 
Immigration Law: 
International Criminal Law: 
International Trade Law: 
International Business Transactions: 
National Security Law: 
Post-Conflict Justice and the Rule of Law: 
Securities Litigation: 
Selected Topics in Int'l Intellectual Prop and Int'l Trade: 
Terrorism Seminar: 

1This course satisfies the writing requirement.
2Students can choose to have this course satisfy the writing requirement or not.

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