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Jan Abbott Abbott

Journal Center Coordinator
Email: [[jgabbo]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3799
Office location: Room L003

Katherine Ainslie

Administrative Assistant, Externships and Public Service
Email: [[keainslie]]
Office phone: (757) 221-4870
Office location: Room 273

Nicole Alanko

Immigration Clinic Postgraduate Fellow
Email: [[jnalanko]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1092
Office location: Room 182

Helen Antinori

Administrative Assistant, Admissions
Email: [[hfanti]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3786
Office location: Room 124A

Dietra Baytop

Journal Center Assistant
Email: [[djbaytop]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3767
Office location: Room L003

Suzanne Bisczat

Law Review Administrative Assistant
Email: [[sabisczat]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3860
Office location: Room L007

Felicia Burton

Director, Faculty & Academic Support Center
Email: [[faburt]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3813
Office location: Room 236E

Tracy Byrd

Administrative Assistant, Faculty & Academic Support Center
Email: [[tlbyrd]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2417
Office location: Room 237

Diane Carroll

Administrative Liaison
Email: [[dccarroll]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1213
Office location: Room 283

Laurie Ciccone

Clinical Program Administrative Manager
Email: [[laciccone]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3783
Office location: Room 186

Brianna Crews

PELE Clinic Attorney Fellow
Email: [[bmcrews]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7421
Office location: Room 190

Jennifer Dow

Recruiting Program and Data Manager
Email: [[jsdow]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7414
Office location: Room 263

Tabrez Ebrahim

CCI Senior Cyber Law Researcher, CLCT
Email: [[tyebrahim]]

Mike Ende

Associate Dean, Career Services
Email: [[mjende]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3811
Office location: Room 263A

Cassi Fritzius

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Law
Email: [[cbfrit]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3790
Office location: Room 280

Tiffany Goodman

Registrar Assistant
Email: [[trgoodman]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2493
Office location: Room 136C

Jacquelyn Gullickson

Fiscal Assistant
Email: [[jgullickson]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1489
Office location: Room 104

Katey Howerton

Associate Dean for Advancement and CEO, Marshall-Wythe School of Law Foundation
Email: [[kmhowe]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1394
Office location: Room 287

Judith Johnson

Pychologist/Neuropsychologist for Puller Clinic
Email: [[jljohnson02]]
Office location: Room 192

Lauren Jordan

Assistant Dean of Admissions
Email: [[ljordan]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3307
Office location: Room 124C

Robert Jordan

Technology Support Engineer
Email: [[rhjordan01]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7507
Office location: Room 217B

Amy King

Associate Dean of Online and Executive Education
Email: [[amking03]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1106
Office location: Room 288

Betta Labanish

Administrative Assistant, Law School
Email: [[bmlaba]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3800
Office location: Room 100

Ruth Birkelbach

Systems Coordinator, Development & Alumni Affairs
Email: [[ralayman]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7526
Office location: Room 257

Christina Smith Lewis

Administrative Assistant, Development and Alumni Affairs
Email: [[cslewis]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3795
Office location: Room 258

Erin McNeil

Administrative Coordinator, CLCT
Email: [[emcneil]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2494
Office location: Room 211C

Lynn Murray

Law Review Administrative Assistant
Email: [[lamurray01]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7513
Office location: Room L007

Dean Neff

Financial Operations Manager
Email: [[bdneff]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7405
Office location: Room 107A

Kathy Patrie

Accounting Team Leader
Email: [[kjpatrie]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7818
Office location: Room 107B

Mary Beth Poma

Associate Director for Operations & Administration of CLCT
Email: [[mmpoma]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2228
Office location: Room 211D

Jesse Reiblich

Post-Graduate Fellow, Virginia Coastal Policy Center
Email: [[jlreiblich]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2025

Amy Ryan

Assistant Dean, Development
Email: [[arryan]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7367
Office location: Room 258A

Jennifer Salyers

Assistant Dean, Career Services
Email: [[jsalyers]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1652
Office location: Room 263F

April Sawhill Sawhill

Senior Research Fellow, Center for Legal and Court Technology
Email: [[aesawhill]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2494

Donna Shelton

Law School Registrar
Email: [[dmshelton]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7485
Office location: Room 136D

Brenda Stone

Assistant Dir, International Programs
Email: [[bjstone]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3787
Office location: Room 238

M Trivette

Events and Conferences Coordinator
Email: [[mtrivette]]
Office phone: (757) 221-1518
Office location: Room 285

Cody Watson

Administrative Assistant, Faculty & Academic Support Center
Email: [[ccwatson01]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3135
Office location: Room 237

Whit Weidner

Courtroom Technologist, Center for Legal and Court Technology
Email: [[wwweidner]]
Office phone: (757) 221-2180
Office location: Room 116

Lynda Weisflog

Enrollment Services Assistant
Email: [[lsweisflog]]
Office phone: (757) 221-7544
Office location: Room 124B

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